I can't believe how this year has literally flown by - this year has been our most successful year of business and it's also been a year of many changes to our home and studio (which is still in progress) so looking forward to 2014 when we can put more of our roots down.
in the new year I'm looking forward to watching the kids grow (daily I see changes that always put a smile on my face, man they grow fast)
I am also curious of how having all the new studio spaces will change how we work and what we will make - exciting times ahead.
one of the hardest decisions for me this year was to get help (lots of it) - the reason why it was a hard decision was that I have spent most of my time with bookhou being the sole maker and doer and it's hard to give up control and to trust others, but I think our success this year is due to the fact that we got more help - thanks so much christina, risa and tessa!

the beginning of the year we get to celebrate our sweet piper's birthday - I remember thinking if she was going to be a new years baby and she decided to wait a week to arrive, just to avoid all the fuss. I can't believe that 2014 she will be turning 5
towards the end of 2013 after adam and I returned home from the puces pop show - he called me and said that there was a storefront available next to their home and that he thought it was the perfect spot - I remember them being nervous and I said that they would be fine and they would make it work - and they did and crown flora's business has truly blossomed and I couldn't be happier for the two of them
my amazing husband turned 50 
I tried also to spend time making work that isn't production and I think doing this kind of work feeds my soul
it was also a year of honing other skills
this little man amazes me daily with his calmness and intelligence and crazy dance moves - I can't believe he turned 7 and is almost at my shoulder height - I think by the time he turns 10 he will be my height.

I worked so hard and so much this past year and it won't stop in 2014

I turned 40 and didn't have a meltdown, instead I felt better than ever!

spending time with this amazing lady

and collaborating with another amazing lady this past year (hopefully we can do another collaboration)

and the year ended with a crazy renovation that hopefully will be complete in the next few months
what a truly amazing year 

I hope you had a great year too!


  1. This post left me tearful and joyful at the same time. Big hugs t you and your family .

    1. Aaawe, me too! What a fabulous year Arounna, and the best is yet to come. Hope we girls can get together in 2014 :) Big HUG for you, John, Lliam and Piper. Love you guys xoxo.

  2. So much in one single year only ! You're the best !
    Wishing you & your beautiful family marvelous NY celebrations, and a stunning 2014 of course !

  3. A great wrap of your year. Looking forward to what comes in 2014. Saw that you turned 40 and that your partner turned 50. It's the same here for my partner and I. It's the first time I have really thought about the age difference. It sounds marked at 50 and 40 but it really is that we just meet in the middle, if that makes sense. I so enjoy your blogging and making.

  4. So wonderful to see your year was so magnificent and that 2014 promises even more abundance and adventure! Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year. Celebrate some, too - you definitely deserve it!

  5. What an amazing year and a beautiful tribute to so many parts of your life. Hoping that 2014 is full of as many riches.


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