welcome back
not sure if you are still on holidays - we have been back since last week and already back at it.  the kids are off till next week and we have a few things planned for them.  we were hoping to do some  things earlier, but poor lliam had a terrible stomach flu and was vomiting every time he ate something. he's been on the mend the past few days, but now I feel a bit sick - I hope it will pass soon.

while organizing and cleaning post shows and holiday craziness I decided to put a few things on sale, some of them are pretty great deals - starting today at 10am EST it will be live over here (you might not see anything if you're early)

I hope you can pick up something
have a great start to your week - a few more days till 2013 is behind us :-)

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  1. you were so generous with your sale. I am sorry I missed because of travel xx Get well soon bookhou family


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