welcome back everyone!
I think this week is probably the first work week for most of you
last week having a holiday in the middle of the week always seems unfair.
my time during the holiday has been sourcing out new leather - having to do this can sometimes be fun, but most of the time it's a pain.  I always fall in love with a material I use and when I have to change there is so much resistance on my part.  I know change is good and that it's good to evolve and change work to keep it fresh. the suppliers that I have been working with for years hate to tell me when something has been discontinued, I think once I wept on the phone (they must think I'm a bit strange).

so I finally decided on vegetable tanned leather (despite it's description it is indeed real leather) the tanning process is using vegetable matter.  I really like how it looks on the lighter coloured looking bags and I think for the darker fabrics and patterns I will use black.  there's still things I have to tweak and then I have to photograph it all and re-post.

there's still so much snow coming down and despite the cold temperatures, the snow makes it all so pretty.  the kids are back to school today, it was nice having them home for so many days.  I think this picture of the two of them is funny because they are small versions of j and I.  lliam is intensely working and piper is just yammering away and he's just saying aha aha and not looking up.

now that all the holiday madness is gone, I can concentrate on new designs.  my continued source of inspiration will always be the beauty of nature.

have a great start to your week friends.  stay warm and safe :-)


  1. this set of photographs is especially lovely

  2. That photo of Piper and Liam is so funny and sweet :) Love the new leather for the straps! I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you'll come up with this year. Happy 2014 Arounna! Big hug for you and your precious family xoxo

  3. My bundle if bookhou loveliness arrived today! Thank you and i look forward to treasuring one or two items and gifting the others so they too can be treasured. Happy New Year bookhou & Arounna. X


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