I hope you had a fantastic weekend
all of a sudden the summer weather came back - I was a bit nervous last week when a sweater was required when going out.  I love after dinner walks when there's still  a bit of light and the neighbours water their gardens and the smell of bbq still lingers in the air.  your walking and your skin is damp and sticky from the little bit of heat in the air - summers in this city is amazing.

we had been busy all weekend getting wholesale orders out, my deadline for any orders is the end of this month, so that I can have my full attention for the fall/winter craft shows.

the hot weather calls for crisp vegetables for dinner and trying our best not to turn on the stove, we had a great time yesterday at the CNE, it's becoming a yearly tradition.  the kids especially enjoyed themselves, piper had her face painted by the same lady who painted her face at harbourfront centre when we went to their circus event - I feel sometimes that toronto is like a small town - what's the likely hood? 

I really like the look of stamping the prices rather than my fast scribbles on the tags, I like the meditative nature of these tasks, I am really excited about my new prints, I've already printed them (will show you tomorrow) - I love doing new images, I get so excited that I literally do a happy dance when I lift the screen.

have a great start to your week and I will have more to share later on.


  1. I really adore these new graphical prints! Looking forward to see more!

  2. I love your idea of after supper walks. :) I'm away from Vancouver and in our other home in England, which is very rural, and, while the field walks are wonderful, I miss the city and the buzz of loads of weekend people. Have a great week ahead. Hope the Toronto weather holds for a great long summer. :)

  3. I really like your new prints . I find you still need to pop on a sweater in the morning but that is fine by me :)

  4. have you ever done city of craft show?

    1. awesome! I will be going to the fall one hope to see you there! My friend sam of Have and Hold Design is in the show too.

  5. I also do happy dances when I see new patterns from you :)


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