the weekend is here and even though we worked so hard, why is there still so much more to do?

the third floor is taking shape, I really liked the openness, but it's now time to create the interior walls and get the bathroom installed.  the kids are really excited and it's hard not to want to make our bedroom on this floor.  on monday we are going to the CNE which has become a yearly tradition and I know that the summer is nearing an end when the fair rolls into the city.

I finally had a chance to make a few indigo dyed totes.  it's really lovely the variations of patterns on each one and all so equally beautiful.  I will be dyeing again on the weekend to keep my inventory up, I think these will be a hit, since I love them so much.  I also made some more of the large oblong pouches, they sold out so quickly last week and I finally had a chance to restock.

have a fantastic weekend and get outside and enjoy this weather before it's gone!


  1. These items are perfection in my mind . I would love to see what a simple design printed over the hand dyed indigo fabric would look like .

  2. Wow, just wow. It all looks stunning & I'm sure they'll fly off the shelves in seconds ! So very pretty !! oxox


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