lately it's been so hectic here with having the kids home and the renovations and studio work and I was really missing the joy of sketching out ideas and carving blocks to print.  I am excited for the new year, a new studio space, new living spaces and I feel like I can spread my wings and I'm excited to see what will happen.  I think I'm just missing making work just for fun and not worrying about having to sell it.


  1. The stamp is amazing, I hope you will make some for the shop at some point. Thinking about you. Hang in there. ox

  2. Yes I realise how much I have been missing the joy of sketching and have been involved in #drawingaugust on Twitter which has really enabled me to start daily sketching again.
    I really enjoy seeing your drawings and stamps - something I keep promising myself I will do.
    Looking forward to seeing your new living and studio spaces.

  3. I hope next year you and John both get more time to explore your art and making for the fun of it. It is so inspiring.


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