your thinking - arounna is that your hair printed on that cube? yeah it is.  
I found this in piper's room and yeah her and lliam both played with it, it was part of an edition I did in 2005 - the image was essential my hair photocopied - I had really long hair back then.
I also printed this image on silk scarves.  I remember spending so much time making sure my corners were perfect.  I love looking back at older work, it gives me a feeling of history and where I came from.

today is going to the new legoland and the afternoon at the AGO and maybe a nice warm bowl of ramen afterwards.  what a great way to start our weekend.

I hope your weekend is fantastic! and I was hoping to have a giveaway this week, but it will have to wait till next week and it will be great - so please come back :-)


  1. I guess this is the bookhou version of an heirloom :) have fun with Liam and piper today.

  2. I love it when you share works from your past, it feels I'm getting to know you from before I got to know you. (which is the truth) So thank you for going down (artisitc) memory lane for us !
    Have a wonderful day & weekend with your loved ones !

  3. very cool! Have fun today!!


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