hello friends
I hope you had a great weekend!

I have been waiting for sunnier days to take photos of my brother davis and his partner adam's store called crown flora studio.  my brother has been making for as long as I can remember and there were times he left it for awhile to do other things but he always found his way back and this past year he and adam joined forces and decided to go head on and see where crown flora would take them.  they both were looking for a storefront for a long time and there were a few places they almost set-up shop in, but after christmas they spotted a for lease sign at 1537 queen street west.  this area in parkdale is a great mixture of vintage shops and other small businesses and only a few blocks from their home that it was hard to pass up.  since opening in january they have not stopped making.  if you're in parkdale please stop by and say "hi" or visit them once a month at the junction flea and you can also find a selection of items in their etsy shop. in the near future they will be offering letterpress and terrarium making workshops.

it's great to see their business flourish and to see all their hard work paying off, I wish them continued success.

p.s. happy birthday beryl, sending you lots of love

have a great start to your week! xxa


  1. I'm planning on doing a photo interview with the boys soon for my blog, but you just kicked my future photographs in the butt! They're gorgeous Arounna!

  2. Superbes photos
    Superbes produits
    Superbe mise en valeur!
    Voilà une association très belle. Bravo.

  3. oh yes happy birthday to John's mom, beryl. She is such a wonderful, kind, beautiful wife, mother and grandmother. Crown flora is such a beautiful shop but not surprising with the two amazing talented minds behind it all. I need to make another visit to it soon to pick up some of those gorgeous airplants.

  4. Oh, how beautiful. Obviously talent and hard work runs in the family! I can't wait to visit Crown Flora Studio next time I'm in Toronto!

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful shop! I love the different kinds of glass bottles, the textures on the wall, the colours and shapes of the flowers...

    Another reason to put Canada on the "to visit" list!

  6. Amazing how they transformed that little shop! Can't wait to visit them next time I'm in Toronto! Gorgeous photos Arounna.

  7. What a fabulous post about two fabulous & talented guys !! I wish they had had their shop when I visited in summer 2011 (ahah, yeah), I wouldn't have left empty handed !
    Great job Adam & Davis, what a team you are !
    And Arounna, your photos are AWESOME !!

  8. It looks light and lovely and full of beauty. All the best for much success for them.

  9. their shop looks wonderful! I especially love that wall with the old plaster (?) in different colours! I need to take a walk down there for a visit!


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