it's been awhile since I've made these small bucket storage containers - I made some for the upcoming craft show happening in a few weeks and I will have 5 different designs in total for sale (I will show you more next week), after the show I might make some available online.  even though they are small, they are pretty useful - great for notions, yarn, and my favourite to hold plants.  I recently started using this beautiful 9 oz tightly woven canvas as lining and it's such a dream to work with, the fabric is pre-washed and milled in the U.S.

these containers are simple but I forget how challenging sewing in the round can be, I have to go a bit slower than my usual machine revving :-)


  1. Yes! I love the tiny ones!

  2. your containers are my very favorite homes for plants . Can't wait to freshen up my supply.

  3. I definitely need a few of these for my Bookhou museum :)

  4. Oh, these are super cute! Perfect to hold a ball of yarn :)


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