most of my morning will be at harbourfront centre doing resident reviews, I will bring a bit of hand sewing to keep my hands busy.  I made a small run of this denim like blue linen (not similar to the apron blue, this one is more like a handkerchief linen) loop scarf for the upcoming craft show - there's a small run so for now I won't have them available online.  sweet piper helping with the photo shoot.

the next few weeks is crunch time for craft show making - yikes!
visit us next week, I will have a giveaway here on the blog and I will also have new work to show you.
have a great weekend friends!! xxa


  1. piper wears it so well with those orange butterflies. Hope you all get a little more rest on the weekend. xo

  2. ohhhhh so so wonderful. that piper is so cute. please tell me when you all that loop scarf is available again. i seem to always miss the chance to purchase something i have fallen in love with from your shop! xo

  3. Piper is pretty! That blue looks wonderful on her! Love that linen :)


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