yesterday the clocks went forward, I find myself in a bit of a panic when the clocks change, like yesterday I got up late and felt like I was playing catch up for losing an hour.

the kids went to their grandparents for the weekend and maybe a few extra days, this week is the start of march break and since we both work from home - we didn't have to plan the whole week for them, we thought a trip to the museum and to the new lego centre would be fun.  we don't usually plan a vacation since the craft show is a few weeks away and the break falls during quite a busy time.

we rearranged the window to display the glassware that j will use for the lamps (and I played around with filters on my camera) and tomorrow I will have the owl tea towels and pouches for sale.

enjoy the start of your week! 


  1. Love the mood in this photograph. J"s work is so timeless.

  2. That sounds like fun! When me & my brother were little our parents were pretty busy working and didn't schedule too many activities for us (we just stayed home and watched TV, haha), but one of my favourite March Breaks was when my dad took the day off and took us to the Science Centre for an afternoon. Just one really special day that I still remember!

    1. thanks anabela
      I always feel guilty that I'm not like a cruise director and have each day filled with activity, but having a few special outings will hopefully be exciting for them :-)

  3. beautiful. wish I could live inside your shop! so lovely. xo

  4. Those lamps just made me swoon!


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