the past few days piper has been sick and I thought she looked so sweet all bundled up, I think the expression on her face was saying "why are you taking my photo?" she's better now , but j and I are a bit under the weather.  I'm trying to go to bed early to rest up - I have the craft show coming up in a few weeks so I need to be well.

I love the light in our place as the sun goes down -  photographing what to make for dinner.  we found a place in kensington that makes the best kimchi.


  1. I'm sorry P was sick. I hope she's much better now.
    U was sick yesterday evening & this night so I feel for you, my friend.
    Take care of yourself & J too. xoxo

  2. you take extra good care of yourself and j. There are still so many viruses going around this winter. The photographs you took are so gorgeous and make such a nice set.

  3. Hope you guys feel better soon. The photos are just gorgeous. The light is really special.

  4. Even sick, P is a beauty. She seems to have "old soul" in her eyes. Hope she feels better soon, and that you and the rest of your family stay well.

  5. Little sweetheart is so adorable even under the weather!Take care of all of you!AriadnefromGreece!


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