children's art has a magical quality to it,  a quality that doesn't have the overthinking that adults work tends to have. there's a freedom that is truly unmatched.  I am so proud of the hard work these kids put into this small collection for the city of craft show this weekend.  there will be fantastic badges, a limited amount of tote bags and small pouches.  I really hope you will have a chance to drop by and say "hi"

I'm sad to see my friend geninne leave canada, spending face time with each other is so wonderful. I met both geninne and margie on the internet reading their blogs and following their work and our friendships with each other is filled with mutal admiration and respect.  so refreshing to put your energy into friendships that are real.

I also wanted to end the week saying thank you for a wonderful year of support, I know some of you were disappointed that the online shops closed abruptly - the amount of orders that came in were a bit overwhelming and I started to panic.  everyone wants their orders for the holidays and I didn't think it was fair to those who already placed their orders to have any added delay.  I promise when we open we will offer new and exciting work - more limited editions, more sales, and possibly more clothing type items.

I'm really excited to also do a bit of loafing during the holidays
have a wonderful weekend friends - thanks for visiting!


  1. They have made such wonderful artworks, and you've made such wonderful pouches out of them !! I treasure the one I bought not so long ago, I've been using it much ! I hope they'll sell lots of their wares !
    I know what you mean about your friendship with G & M. And I feel the same way about you all girls.

  2. Tell Liam and piper I will see them tomorrow morning to buy a few things. Big thanks to you Arounna and John for always keeping our friendships real, kindness and thoughtfulness hold fast our bonds . Xo

  3. I so love you're LL & P line! They really did there best with this one!! Nice to hear you had a great time with you're friends!! Enjoy you're break!

  4. So so cute, the flouro colours are great. You must be so proud of your wee makers. Have a lovely christmas.

  5. Hi :) are the pouches still available? I'll really like to get one!


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