yesterday I spent the day hanging out with a great friend,who lended a hand in my daily production

a visit to the gallery to see some beautiful art and

the most amazing little ships

beautiful architecture

slowing down for a pick me up 

 of course a visit to j's bench

and yummy ramen noodles in a cozy space to end the day and another trip with some great people, I'm one lucky girl :-)


  1. I'm so happy you are finally soon on a much deserved break, you've been working SO VERY HARD this year.
    I recognize these blue suede shoes .... ;-)

  2. I had a very lovely evening after a busy day at work
    Thanks so much

  3. It was such a great day, loved every minute of it <3

  4. Yes, those blue shoes! So glad you have the gift of such wonderful friendships! Blessed rest to you!


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