thank you to everyone who visited piper and lliam at city of craft - and thanks to becky and her team for pulling off another successful show (apparently it's the 6th year) - the show was put on in three spaces on queen west and the crowds were a plenty.  lliam was a bit shy at first from all the compliments, but eventually he got a bit more confident and chatted with customers.  I think a lot of people were kinda amazed by their talent at such a young age (piper was the youngest vendor).  they were pretty close to selling out and only came home with a few prints and a handful of buttons.  later today is  a trip to the lego store :-)

I hope your weekend was fun - one more last push today to get orders out and the rest of the week I will be making more work for puces pop on the weekend. adam and I are leaving for montreal friday at 5am - the puces pop show this year is three days and we need to get there early enough to have time to check into our hotel and set-up for the show.

have a great monday! xxa


  1. Well deserved trip to the Lego store I say !!
    Good luck for all the preps for The Puces Pop
    Big hugs xoxo

  2. how wonderful for them! they have a very good mama...and daddy too!


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