all day yesterday I kept writing october on customer receipts, I guess I am slightly in denial that it's already november.  I spent last night printing 300 tea towels and my wrists are killing me.  a bit of rest and more printing today.  I had a bit of a panic about my inventory for the show and realized I have more than I did last year, so I am in good form.  last year around this time I was in vancouver for circle craft - I miss vancouver.

I am lucky to have patient customers, I was asked to make custom napkins oh around june and they are finally done, such a lovely combo.

I'm not the only one that's excited to get parcels in the mail.
have a great weekend, I'm going to try and stay dry and not let the grey skies make me sluggish


  1. i might need to drop by to help package those tea towels )

  2. Who needs expensive toys? :) The napkins are lovely.

  3. the napkins are heavenly !
    lucky new owners !!
    and yes, boxes are so much fun for kids ... and cats too ! LOL


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