hi everyone
I hope you had a great weekend
as an attempt to get uninterrupted work time the kids went to visit their grandparents for the weekend. it was a tester for when j and I go away during the holidays.  sometimes the house can be really noisy and it can drive you crazy, but when the kids are not around it's too quiet and we miss them so much.  on saturday evening we had a dinner date and checked out hapa izakaya on college street near the shop. we both really enjoyed it and will definitely be back.  it was nice to take our time to eat and not feel rushed.

one of our new products that I am hoping will be available in a few weeks is a silk scarf that is digitally printed with j's collage. I will show you the whole image, plus the process of the design when the scarf is ready.  I think it is so beautiful, the above image is a small peek.

enjoy your start to your week, happy monday! 


  1. Beautiful colours and texture! Cannot wait to see the whole image!

  2. This is just divine... really love it :) Kx

  3. johns images translated to fabric are so amazing. I love the colours here.

  4. Oh my... a silk scarf is just what I was hoping you would make - and this one looks just perfect: the subtle hues, the intricate but powerful design.


  5. Looking forward to seeing the scarf in its entirety ! It looks amazing !

  6. The pattern on that scarf looks very intriguing. Do you do the digital printing inhouse?

  7. The silk scarf looks gorgeous. Beautiful work as always!


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