my favourite part of halloween is the decorations and the cute costumes that the kids wear, I wish my camera took good night photos, I saw a kid dressed as an invisible man and it was the best costume, oh and a small boston terrier dressed as a spider.  lliam went dressed as a power ranger (he really wanted to be ultra man, but a power ranger costume was the closest thing we could find), piper wanted to be a fairy princess and then it was too cold and she decided she didn't want to get dressed up and only wanted to wear the wings.  we were out a little longer than usual, the kids are a bit older now and are able to go a few extra blocks. we normally go trick or treating at my sister-in-laws neighbourhood - it provides a nice home base for the kids to hangout before and after the walk. it was wet and a bit cold, but all in all lots of fun.


  1. i love these photographs. I worked last night so missed out on all the fun.

  2. Our kids loved getting dressed up too and this was the first year they wanted "scary faces" mummy please!
    I'm back in the blogging World and have my new etsy store opening today...so Im excited about this month of November!
    I'll check in more frequently...Instagram is great for updates and random pics...but i love the size of pics on everyone's blogs.
    Happy Movember


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