this first LL+P collection is part of a series of limited editions and will be available for sale today at 12pm EST
this collection is a collaboration between lliam and piper and all proceeds of the sales will go to them. I was inspired to start this collection after they both sold their work at the spring city of craft show. this collection is limited and once the work sells, it will not be reproduced and a new series will be issued. please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of the next collection by these two.
Please have a peek - thanks everyone!


  1. it is going to be a great success. Way to go L & P and of course all the wonderful adults who support their work.

  2. HOORRAY for LL+P new line !!
    love everything so much !

  3. Hey Lliam and Piper, your work is wonderful and you should feel proud.

  4. I love the way you make their artwork into beautiful useful pieces. I know it will be a success, very cute!

  5. Love the idea!! My kids like to draw and make stuff to!! In my opinion: They are never to young to have a passion for art!! Art makes happy!!

  6. The cutest and most supportive parent idea ever! Love it...


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