hi everyone
I hope you had a lovely weekend.
I had a packed weekend of work and making my way to a few events, the first one was going to see the Oji Masanori & friends exhibit at mjolk - it was a lovely reception, met up with old friends and made new ones. I think it's important to stay connected in the community and venture out of the studio from time to time. j and I had a lovely conversation with Oji and his business partner Takuya - completely inspiring and making us rethink a lot of things (yes - I was a bit of a groupie and had to take my photo with everyone) - thanks lauren for taking the photo - we made away with some beautiful pieces that I will show you in a later post.

yesterday margie and I went to the check out the junction flea and it was bigger than the first time I did it - the place was packed with all kinds of goodness. I got some beautiful vintage kimono remnants from roisin and I really love adam's new plants in a vintage tin mould (margie made off with the one pictured) all and all I think it's a must visit, I hope they will find indoor space so they can continue it during the colder months. it was great to hang out with margie again - it's been too long. I am very fortunate to have her as a friend, she came bearing handmade gifts for my bday - she made the most beautiful crocheted bag (similar to one I was obsessed with when we were in mexico) and some beautifully dyed linen yarn (I have them in my studio wall so I can stare at it's beauty for a bit before I use it)

a quick note on friendship - friendship shouldn't be hard or difficult, there should be mutual respect and admiration. if you're in a friendship that is not both giving and taking - it won't last. it may be sad for some time, but you will soon realize that you are better off. I know that I can be better at being clearer with my feelings and making it heard to others when they have wronged me, when things get dragged on for too long it makes it harder. so don't ignore the nagging thoughts or what you feel in your gut, because more than likely you're right.

thanks for visiting - enjoy the start to your week!


  1. beautifully said and I love your "groupie" photograph

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. We have just returned from two weeks' vacation, so I am in a post-vacation funk this morning. I think your thoughts on friendship are wise. Piper and Lliam will benefit from your wisdom as they build their friendships. For whatever reason, girls' and women's friendships tend to be more complicated, but I think you are right that our gut and heart tend to know which ones are right and true.

  3. I always love visiting your site for inspiration and was amazed that you touched on friendship. I was thinking about this for myself all weekend. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. I think you are so right.

  4. So much loveliness in all the photos! Love your glasses so much! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, I'm so glad :-) Miss you lots! xoxo

  5. i quite like what you wrote about friendship... there are so many lovely people out there, why hang with those that don't bring a smile to your face each and every time you think about them...
    enjoy your week

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time !
    Your words on friendship are ever so true. Well put !
    Sending you big warm hugs xoxo

  7. Hi Arounna,
    I'm so happy you got to meet Oji,Takuya and friends. I was trying to get up to SF for that event to meet them as well but it was too late. Sigh! It must've been wonderful to see the designs and hang out with them. Love the photo!


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