a HUGE thank you to all you amazing folks for supporting the kids and this collaboration, I told them how many items they sold and I don't think they understood what it meant, but lliam did ask if there was going to be a visit to the lego store. I think that one of the things that is so important in our family is to be creative, both kids are very confident in their own work and are super proud of the response, thank you also to those of you who emailed and commented and congratulated the kids - I appreciate your support.

on saturday I am doing the bloorcourt show and last year I had so much fun I had to return - if you're in the hood I hope you can come say "hi". we are working hard in the studio to make some new work - which I will show you more tomorrow. I will be spending part of my day packaging the LL+P purchases :-)

pictured above is one of a pair of chairs going to a lovely couple, and to accompany the chairs some of my long oblong pillows in the lines print.


  1. Yay to such a passionate & enthousiast response !
    John's chairs and benches are to die for ... if you lived closer, I'd have chairs made for us !

  2. your kids are wonderful
    and I just knew that some of the profit would be turned into lego

  3. Hip, hip hooray for LL+P! love, love the chair and pillow too!

  4. That trio of chair, pillow and painting. Could they be more beautiful? So happy for Lliam and Piper. Lego and balloons? :)


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