yep - it's going to be a good sale, if you're in town come visit city of craft - a wonderful craft show of handmade goods, I will be there on sunday at the second venue minding the door, come by and say "hi".
have a great weekend friends, rest is very near for me - one more week. xxa


  1. that first pouch is so fantastic
    my daughter in law with grandchild to be will be at the gladstone hotel on tomorrow selling some lovely handmade paper

  2. I also love the way you combined the print in black and red! One can never have too many Bookhou pouches :-) Sending you warm hugs and all my love to you and your beautiful family xoxo

  3. Love these zippered pouches. Your prints always leave me feeling so inspired!

  4. The colors are beautiful, best of luck with the sale, wish I was in the neighborhood!

  5. Wish I could come and visit. Have a great sale (I too love that first pouch!)


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