I am getting ready for my sale - I love sales - I will have sets, alphabet seconds, new pouch sets and also the regular stock will be marked down - it will happen for one day only. I hope you will join me - day and time will be announced via our email list - so get on the list to get in on the sale - I only send 1-2 newsletters a month, so don't feel like you will be sent tons of emails. I came across these photos from vintage items I use to sell. I started our etsy shop as a means to only sell sale items and vintage finds, and soon after I found etsy to be growing and I started to sell more of our handmade goods - another reason I don't have more vintage items is that I found shipping fragile and big items a bit of a challenge. I will open the online shop till the middle of next week and it will be closed till after the holidays - I will give you the dates when I have a better idea, also it will reopen restocked with new items. the little wooden house you see in the last picture is coming back, only for sale at our brick and mortar shop - I think it might be to heavy to ship. we were done with the production run, but we have had so many requests to bring them back - that we decided to do a short run.
out of the blue today lliam said to me - while I was fretting over some work I was doing - "hey mommy don't sweat the small stuff" a quote he often hears john say to me and not sure if he knows what it means, but it was in good context - so nice to be surrounded by level headed people.
enjoy your day - please send over any sunshine if you are experiencing too much. xxa


  1. that's one gorgeous basket: of course your photography helps a lot.

    always thought Lliam had a head on his shoulders and a lot of John inside

    hope you're well; talk to you next week

  2. you have two very wise men in your life.
    I have to say that was a gorgeous photograph of you on the back of covet.

  3. We haven't had much light here lately either but we did get some pretty snowflakes in the middle of the night. (I guess insomnia has its benefits. I was up to see them and take some photos. I put them on my blog.)

  4. Wise little man!
    I'm so happy for my wallet that I don't live near Bookhou! I could spend every single penny on Boohkou wares. As it is my house already looks like a Mexican branch of your shop :-)

  5. Many rays of Colorado sunshine heading your way! That basket is a beauty.... Happy Sale Day + Holidays to all. Tail Wags,


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