hello there,
I hope you had a nice weekend, a BIG thank you to all of you who bought from the sale - I can't believe how fast it went - you're all the best! in our household we are all over colds and such and it was nice to have a nice sick-free weekend. I had a nice surprise visit from margie and she dropped off a paper whites plant before she left for her trip and did some shopping in the store- thanks margie! always great seeing you and I love the knitted hat you wore (made the night before)
believe it or not yesterday I took a day off - firstly I was doing volunteer work at the city of craft show (will show you what I bought tomorrow) and afterwards I went with the kids, cousins and aunts to the christmas market at the distillery (craziness there) I thought for a moment that every single person in toronto was at this market, the kids had fun stuffing their faces with treats and going on rides. afterwards we had pizza at my sister-in-law's condo that is in the distillery district.
when we got the brick and mortar shop lliam was around piper's age and at first he would ask us why people he didn't know was in our house. he eventually understood, but they still see the shop as a room in the house and I do apologize if you come in the shop and find toys or strange tableaux they have set-up in the shop, which are usually popular with other kids that visit - or if you come in the shop and find piper laying on the furniture.
enjoy your start to the week - it's getting chilly here and I think on friday
there was a bit of snow that lasted all of 15 mins.


  1. you are so kind arounna
    I was allmost ready to board the plane when i realized I really wanted to get the cloth bucket to match my pouch. I was just making the purchase using one of the lovely complementary imac in the lounge at the island airport and they started calling my name on the intercom. First time I was the last person to board a plane but bookhou is worth it:)

  2. What beautiful pics! She is adorable!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. oh I would love to come and see Piper laying on hte furniture, so cute she is :)

  4. Looking at those lovely photos of Piper brings back memories of my daughters when they were that age.

    It seems like your kids have a special childhood.

  5. Glad you finally took a day off! It's lovely that the kids are so comfortable in the shop - I'm sure your brick and mortar customers are always glad to see them!

  6. Seeing the kids just adds to the charm of visiting. Always delightful.

  7. Seeing piper and liam just adds to the charm of visiting. always delightful.


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