this past weekend the kids had a chance to watch the zombie walk - I wasn't sure if the little ones would be afraid, but they all thought it was funny and piper kept saying "they have a boo boo" - the people who participated were really in character with the limping, moaning and the make-up, this walk happens each year one week before halloween - the kids are super excited for monday to come along - you would think it was christmas. this weekend I will be playing catch up and will also be working on showing you new pieces to show you next week - I am thinking of making more pieces with the circle print - I don't think I used it enough - I love how the screen printed image sits on the linen - I've been making like crazy and I felt it today in my back after I printed about 200 calendar wall art. in other news I am working on something really big - like really big for bookhou and I can't wait to tell you about it - sorry for all the suspense. I had to say something - I'm too excited.
have a lovely weekend! - we have to bundle up here in toronto - temperatures are quickly dropping.


  1. i love that circle print but zombies I can do without. I prefer to care for the living rather than the living dead.

  2. You seem to have an autumn full of exciting happenings at Bookhou. I am very happy for you.

  3. Oooh, can't wait to hear more about your big news.

    And you're right, you should use your circle print more, it's lovely.

  4. seriously can't wait to hear about the Big News !!
    you guys are soooo busy ! xoxo

  5. What beautiful fabric you use to print onto - that close-up pic really shows off the weave well.


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