loop scarves are back - I made changes to the size - the first ones I made were a bit wider and longer so these are narrower and shorter in length - these one are made from a pale grey 100% linen - I made ones with the rain pattern and the popular triangle pattern is back - I will also be making loop scarves from a hemp jersey and a cowl design in wool - just in time for the chilly weather. this week I have had extra help and it's amazing what can be done with five extra pairs of hands (thanks ladies! - couldn't of gotten this far in the week without each of you) + of course john - my mailman :)


  1. just gorgeous, Arounna (and team !) oxox

  2. I think your rain pattern is one of my favourites now. These look like a way to be warm and elegant at the same time. Hurray for all of the help!

  3. Arounna, Arounna, Arounna....I want everything you make, how is that possible! :)

  4. thanks everyone!
    so glad you love them
    it's my favourite scarf to wear all season
    I can't wait to show you the other ones

    enjoy your day friends!

  5. I love love the triangle one :) xxx

  6. oh they're gorgeous. can't wait to see the wool and jersey ones!

  7. Will any loop scarves be for sale in your etsy shop?

  8. hi sarah
    I'm going to list some now


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