okay - so there isn't big piles of leaves to jump into yet - how about a pile of newsprint? john unwrapping the work of our next featured artist (more on that later) and the kids helping. so - it's been busy around here if you havn't notice - I feel a bit guilty about piper's store bought costume, but as you can see in her photo - she doesn't care - I didn't think being a fairy could make a little girl so happy - thanks to aunt anna for hunting down a costume so last minute.
I hope your weekend's been good so far


  1. Yes thanks A, having a lovely weekend... This Fall weather is beautiful we're having here in the GTA .
    Love your photos.... Your little fairy princess looks adorable!
    Happy Sunday

  2. Looks like it's just about as fun as bubblewrap! :)

    That little fairy looks like she is about to fly!

  3. your pictures are full of laughter!

    have an amazing week!

  4. I love Piper's smile in this picture. Also, I wanted to let you know that the market tote we bought from you (with the stitches pattern) is working out great as Anna's diaper bag.
    Happy trick-or-treating!

  5. aunt anna is the best:)
    if you ever need a last minute costume just head north to my house. I have a tickle trunk full of them.

  6. Never feel guilty about store-bought costumes when they are little! I look at it as a gift when they will wear them. We can spend more time having fun playing make-believe rather than trying to do fittings or get stuck with pins. I do feel a bit guilty about the candy they ate before breakfast!


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