I hope you had a restful weekend - I did some natural dyeing over the weekend - making my indigo dipped market totes - once they are rinsed and cleaned I will be dyeing the bag in a grey dye bath. a few months ago - I got a present from margie in the form of a small indigo vat - yeah that was a pretty cool gift. the vat is working like a charm (thanks margie) I was hesitant to use it because it didn't look like the right colour in the jar (yellowy) - I kept it warm, stirred it every other day and wrapped it in a sweater and the occasional warm bath if the jar felt too cold (crazy - I know) picky little guy - the kids kept referring to it as mommy's jar baby. all these dipped indigo bags are being made for the circle craft show next week - wow I can't believe a week from today I head out to vancouver - last time I was there was 20 years ago- one of my lovely interns (elaine) is from out west and she is preparing a list of places I should visit. having a very tight schedule I hope to be able to check out a few places. also since I will be gone for a week - I decided it would be wise to close the online shop while I'm away - I have only a week before the OOAK show when I get back and I didn't want to delay orders being shipped out - sorry for any inconvenience.
enjoy your monday - happy trick or treating! xxa


  1. i really like this two colors. very natural.

  2. i was at the AGO with my sister and niece yesterday and was thinking of you and john.

  3. I love the colours and effect!

  4. indigo is my favourite and these look great!
    I did some indigo dyeing too when I was in weaving class and I remember when the textiles came out of the bath they were yellow, I loved it :^)
    good luck with the totes!

  5. Waaaa ... a real indigo vat ??? COOL !!! What a gift !

  6. Oh yum! An indigo vat, what a wonderful friend you have.
    I smiled at your keeping it wrapped and giving it a warm bath when needed...after all indigo is a living thing isnt it?
    Your bags are beautiful.
    Jacky xox


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