I was hiding all the candy the kids brought home yesterday - so that I can monitor how much they consume - the problem is - who's going to hide it from me, arghh I have sugar overload - the candy is tiny and so it's easy to justify consuming more than one.
our current featured artist is Yolande Clark - she makes the most beautiful wood fired ceramics. Yolande is from New Brunswick and the clay is dugged up from an area near her studio and this body of work is a result of two years of experimenting and making. each piece is truly a work of art. so come by and have a look - I think they look beautiful in our window and john did a nice job with the low table.


  1. they look really beautiful. I love reading your blog each morning whilst I have my breakfast Arounna.

  2. Wow, these pieces are just stunning! I love that she uses clay found near her studio.

  3. so lovely
    can't wait to see them in person

  4. The pottery is beautiful, but, contrasting your crisp white walls with that low, rustic table is simply gorgeous! Props to your talented husband.

  5. I love ceramics ! thank you !


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