both john and I started as visual artists - him a painter and I a sculptor. when we met we both also shared a similar passion for craft and design and formed our business together. I have only been full-time at bookhou since january, before that I taught part-time. it was always my intention to work on the business for part of the year and the other time for my sculptural work - have art exhibits, write grants etc. I havn't had the time - I am determined to make time. I don't know if I showed you this piece before - I made it 5 years ago and it is called "blow up - close up" - it sold at the gallery that represents me in ottawa (gallery st. laurent + hill). I will make time - I will!


  1. I'm so excited to read that you'll be getting more hands to help you in the studio, and am looking forward to seeing the results of the space this creates for you. As ever, I'm in awe. xx

  2. Beautiful work glad to hear that you will be making more time to develop your art work as it enriches your life and all your other work too.

  3. amazing piece, really.
    you should add something like this in your shop. very beautiful


  4. your art is what first loved about you
    way back when I didn't know you at all
    and I hope you can find the time to explore
    this aspect of your creativity now that you
    have some help in the studio/shop

  5. It is so distinctively 'you'! :) Beautiful.

    My resolution this year was to paint at least an hour a day. It really worked for me. I have spent many more hours than that in my studio. I hope you can find a little corner of time to sculpt. Working on my art, for me, is part of feeling whole and happy.

  6. What a great piece! Does Gallery St. Laurent + Hill have other pieces of yours on display?

  7. I can't tell you how much I love this piece! So detailed and delicate.

    You are such a busy lady! Keep up the creating. You are so inspiring.

  8. thanks everyone for the positive response

    nicole - I believe they have a few pieces
    but since I've been busy I havn't given them new work.

  9. It is so difficult to be an artist and make money from your art and then also be a mum and wife!We never find time enough for everything and we simply prioritize! I don't worry about you! You are too talented to let it remain in you for too long! I am sure you will find the time!AriadnefromGreece!

  10. oh I love this so much
    I wish I could have seen more of your art work when I was there
    I know it's hard to make time for everything
    and you wear so many more hats than me ... I don't know how you do it, I'm really admirative
    thank you so much for your support this past week
    it means a lot to me

  11. lovely piece! time is so important. I wish we could all fabricate more of it! take care!

  12. This is a gorgeous piece. You make such lovely things, your art work is very inspiring to me.

  13. what an incredible piece - i love it. i do hope you find more time to work on art like this, you are so talented.

  14. This piece just suddenly made me smile.


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