mondays and tuesdays are kind of like our weekends - the shop is closed and we do errands, grocery shop etc. since I don't have to mind the shop on occasion I will go with john and piper to pick up lliam from school and a favourite stop afterwards is a drink and snack at ella's uncle. the photo of the two of them is probably the best photo I've taken so far of them - lliam is actually smiling and not hamming it up - and the last photo is piper running in circles with excitement. tomorrow it's photo day - when I was a kid I loved photo day. yep it's fall and the kids are wearing sandals and shorts.


  1. how amazing is this weather!!
    and the full moon last night was just perfect

  2. Ha, this is looking goooood! A happy family! Great when you see the kids running in the golden autumn leaves, fun, fun, fun! Enjoy the warm days while they last: here we have days with plenty of rain already, but .... that's autumn too ;-)

  3. aw these photos warm my heart so much
    yes the 1st one is just perfect
    the weather's been crazy here too
    32.6°C yesterday
    but it's meant to go down in a couple of days
    (thank goodness !!! we're mid october now !)

  4. I love the photo at the top in front of ella's uncle. I have yet to visit that little coffee shop but I am looking forward to it. It looks so cute. Is the coffee good?

  5. hey adam
    I don't drink coffee, but john does and it's one of his favourite places - I get the london fog - yum...

  6. What a sweet photo of Piper and Lliam together.

    Running through autumn leaves with sandals on. Double cool.

  7. This kitchen is just wonderful!


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