hello friends,
it's the end of the week and it's time to gear up for the weekend. there's a lot going on these days - one of them being my new studio assistant who is starting today (how exciting!) - the other is getting our shop and apartment cleaned up and organized for a photo shoot monday (I can't tell more until it comes out) - christine's workshop is tomorrow - still 2 more spots. and also getting the chair for the redesign charity at the textile museum of canada all finished. it's being picked up on tuesday - I will photograph it this weekend and show you the photos next week. the image above is a photograph of peter fleming's chair (he is head of furniture at sheridan college) - the charred pieces will be redesign into frames. I'm pretty excited to go to the event on nov. 3 to see the result of everyone's chair.
have a great weekend everyone - thanks for visiting - I appreciate it. xxa


  1. so much excitement
    it is a good thing the weather has cooled off or bookhou might overheat

  2. What an amazing photo! Looking forward to seeing your chair.

    Have a great workshop tomorrow. Wish I could join you.

  3. I definitely wondered what this post was about when I saw the photo in my reader! :)

    Have a good first day with your intern and a great weekend.

  4. wow gr8 image!!!



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