I had such a lovely time last night - wonderful company and natural dyeing = awesome.
we mainly focused on indigo dyeing and there were a few other pots of natural dye brewing. it's always nice to be around like-minded friends who share the enjoyment of each other's results and experiments. we will have to do it again really soon. thanks again julie for hosting it!
I hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend - perhaps with your dad. I will secretly do a post on the weekend for john. he doesn't visit the blog often (so he might not notice) he isn't a fan of having his picture on the blog. some notes on the canada post strike - if all goes well they will be up and running by thursday - I can't begin to tell you how much stress it's put on me, but I must say I have the best customers who are so understanding.
have a wonderful weekend friends-thanks for visiting! xxa


  1. oh my Arounna, what lovely photo, indigo blue is really something out of this world ! Thanks for sharing the photos i So glad you had such a nice time at the dyeing party ! Too bad I don't have a garden, or I'd be hosting a dyeing party every other day ! ahahah
    Have a great weekend my friend oxox

  2. I was so sorry to have missed it
    but caring for the sick comes first.
    I will need to host one in july when sonia is visiting.

  3. wow, looks wonderful! I'm determined to start my own indigo vats. having a dyeing party is such a lovely idea. and the results look stunning

  4. you won the race! which of course we knew you would. thank you right back - it was a lovely time indeed. and margie, we're sorry you missed it too! next time.....

  5. sonia - have a great weekend too.
    a dyeing party at margie's when your down would be so much fun!

    nicole - you must start one - the one julie did on her blog is a great one - I think margie uses that same recipe too.

    margie - you were missed!

    julie- :)

  6. Lovely indigo! I was looking around for a local green indigo class in SF but learned I had to be 50 to take it, darn! I will learn one day! I can't wait to see how the intense color shows up in your work.

  7. What gorgeous indigo blues! My favorite by far. Looking forward to seeing what you make with these beautiful textiles.

  8. love love that first shot of the indigo vat - i am hoping to get my own started this weekend. looks like you guys had a wonderful evening and your dye results look great. that tall pitcher of ice tea looks pretty darn good too - ah, summer.

  9. what a lovely evening that was and the timing was perfect for me to escape from work. you win for posting first! i'm going to upload my photos tonight. perfect evening, but we totally missed you margie!


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