happy father's day john!!
I asked lliam some favourite things about his dad
-he makes me breakfast
-he plays lego with me
-he's my friend
-he loves me
-he builds with me
-he takes me to the park and has fun with me
......ok mommy that's all he does...I'm done.
I asked lil' p the same question - long pause - "pipa love daddy"


  1. Oh so sweet! I love what Piper said too. Hope you had a lovely day together :)

  2. That's so, so sweet. Enjoy this day!

  3. Well put by both your cuties! Happy Father's day to a very creative man & inspiring Father. The best thing my Dad ever taught me is the joy in making/building/ fixing.

  4. happy father's day john
    and to your father as well.
    You are both incredible people

  5. 'that's all he does' !

    so wonderful.


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