hello friends,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend - we enjoyed the sunshine and all around good weather, at the end of the day yesterday john went next door and sat on the patio and enjoyed a beer all on his own - that may sound odd, but if you have children you know how nice it is to have some quiet time. I wanted to show you the work that I made last week at the dyeing party. I was asked by several customers if I would make a cotton market bag and so I did a version of the market bags I made in the past - the changes I made was reversing the handles and putting a gusset on the bottom. the other change was instead of serging the inside seams I fully lined it. this looks better and it also provides more strength. I hope you like them - more photos here. plus a scarf being modeled by my brother. this one is a real favourite, but it sold in the shop yesterday just after I photographed it. it was tie died in indigo plus afterwards in pomegranate. I definitely will need to get the indigo vat going - so I can make more. I hope you enjoy your start to the week - we are getting a ductless air conditioner installed this morning - yeah! also early this morning lliam is going on his first school bus field trip to visit bugs.
see you tomorrow! xxa


  1. oh my Arounna, the bags & scarf are so gorgeous, no wonder why the scarf already flew away !!
    have a good week ahead ! xoxo

  2. love your blues and greys
    especially the first market bag

  3. Lovely products. Love them!

  4. love the grey and blue bag too - it wasn't grey when you dipped it, was it? did you overdye it? or am i just going crazy?

    anyways, i posted the recipe for you!

  5. I am literally stunned by the beauty of that first bag. Wow!

  6. Oh, that was just too tempting... I bought the bag. Indigo is one of emy weaknesses.

  7. thanks everyone!
    julie I over dyed it when I got it home with the pomegranate.

    nicole your funny :)
    I will have it waiting here for you when you come for
    geninne's workshop.


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