it's been awhile since I've been living in a space with air conditioning - what a difference - it's just more comfortable - don't worry I won't be one of those shops that will have their space feel like a freezer and have their front door propped open. right now I am working on making bags and finishing up orders getting everything packed and hoping I can ship them out this week. I have a real weakness for pottery - (new acquisitions from timothy smith) especially ones with shino glazes - piper's new favourite hat is her dad's dust mask - and my winged migration piece is almost done.


  1. will i need a sweater when i visit:)
    love your piece for the show, especially the overlapping circles
    they remind me of the wake after raindrops hit the still water of the pond

  2. no - sweater required :)
    that's a nice interpretation of the lines.

  3. love your piece arounna! I love seeing fine hand stitching at work. They make such beautiful lines.
    Air conditioning does make a difference! But my neighbour had it on last night, and it was freezing last night outside! If only they opened the window to take a peak at whats going on outside!

  4. just love the sewed piece ~ it's really wonderful and inspiring too.

  5. ahah what a lil cutie she is :) I love it when children use (or rather, repurpose) something very functional to make something fun & adorable !
    I am SO looking forward to admire all the pieces of the exhibit, I count the days !

  6. everything is so beautiful!
    I love the stitches in the first photo and lil' p is too funny with her hat and the shino glazes are full of so much texture.


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