around the studio
-got some new cotton tape for my fabric labels
-what's not to love about sample books
-new indigo oblong pouches
-tonight indigo dyeing at julie's house - what's not to love about a dyeing party


  1. oh the pouches ! (please someone pinch me !!)
    oh the cotton tape !
    oh the dyed beauty !
    PS : I love the different layout of the blog, and the new banner ! oxoxo

  2. Arounna I love everything! ...and thanks so much for following me too! and for all the inspiration!

  3. How pretty- I love looking at colour charts :) The pouches look great ;)

  4. i am so bummed out about missing the party
    so I am tying some little bundles from vintage hankies to soak in my little indigo and woad vats overnight.
    Not the same as a beautiful summer night and wonderful company but the next best thing.

  5. so much prettiness to look at, i'm overwhelmed. hope you have fun at your dye party!

  6. so pretty, especially the little blue pouches.

  7. ah, spoke too soon and there's the indigo! Lovely!

  8. Hi there,
    Where did you get that cotton band from and did you print it yourself?

  9. hi rima
    yes - I printed it myself.


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