hi everyone
I hope you had a lovely weekend - here in toronto it was so coooold. how I envy the countries that have warm weather right now. we had a busy weekend with set-up for the capacity show and yesterday I did a photo shoot with some of the other organizers of the Do Design event that is happening next week in our neighbourhood. it will be in NOW magazine and I will post the photo when it comes out on thursday. I hope I don't look silly or annoyed - I always try not to have too big of a smile - fearing I will look silly and when I don't smile I look annoyed. oh well. the highlight of my weekend was getting my new bird brooches - I packaged them on this nice red cardstock - I like how the colour of whatever your wearing will come through the little heart cut out - they will be for sale at the upcoming love and rummage sale, I thought it would be a good idea to put some of them on the b.a.h. etsy shop for those of you that are not local. lots to do today including working on wholesale orders and lots of sewing.
I am going to try and keep myself warm. enjoy your day! xxa
p.s. the beautiful crochet covered stones are by the lovely margie.


  1. Vraiment ravissant !!!
    Belle semaine :)

  2. what an adorable brooch, it makes me smile wide :) specially next to M's stones <3
    you are so super busy, girl, I hope everything will go smoothly for the show. Sending you much love & wishing you a terrific week ahead. oxox

  3. i know it is soooo cold here, i fear the pipe to my downstairs sink has frozen!!!
    But it is always warm here , reading your journal.

  4. Hi Arounna! I've been browsing your blog for quite some time but never posted so here goes! Love, love, love, love your work. This brooch is just gorgeous...what material is it made of?

    On a side note, I see everybody suffering from the cold...I was in Chicago in December and I almost died, it was soo cold. I live in South America, so thankfully we don't have temperatures dip that low. We don't get seasons here, and I surely miss that!

  5. I'm loving this little guy.
    Especially on the red card stock!

  6. thanks everyone - I'm so glad you like it.

    welcome Catalina!
    I appreciate your comment and glad you stopped to say hi.


  7. How wonderful! I wish I could attend the sale but instead I just bought a brooch and hope you will post pictures so I can vicariously be there...

  8. thanks for your support kate
    i will definitely take photos

  9. Hi Arounna, gee, don't know if you would have swapped for the heat we had in my corner of Australia yesterday - phew...one of those westerly's that blows hot air, so no relief all day and well into the night until the southerly hit, sent some rain and cooled things down a bit :) Love your work.

  10. Come visit me with Margie next month and take a break from the cold! We had a lovely 24˚C today :)
    That birdie melted my heart ♥
    This morning the postwoman delivered the pillowcase I won here a few months ago!! It took two months to get here, but it was SO worth the wait. I LOVE it! Thanks Arounna.

  11. two months - wow
    oh geninne how I want to come visit you---
    every time I see pictures of your town and your beautiful home and that sweet dog!

    I will ask margie to bring along a care package.

    the ace camp is going to be so amazing!

  12. Sending beautiful warm San Francisco skies your way! Love the brooch, adorable. And those rocks are so beautiful, Margie.

  13. Those are soo cute! Wish I knew of them last week. :-(
    Here in Buenos Aires we are having 97°F. If you want, I can send some hot weather to you. But, please, send me some snow! :-)

  14. what a sweet little piece
    I love the little heart
    hope you have mild weather soon
    stay warm!

  15. oh so now i am a canadian / mexican courier.
    I could get into trouble for that.

    don't want to lose my head


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