thanks to everyone who stopped by the etsy shop and purchase a bird brooch - I am happy to see it go to so many happy homes. thanks also for the temperature updates from your regions - it gave me a nice warm feeling.
you know how some shop keepers have a cat that hangs out in the window - we have a toddler. I love seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they see p staring back at them.
the install for the capacity show is going well - a few progress shots of the work that will be in the show - If your in the neighbourhood on saturday - I hope you can drop by - the opening will also be a great opportunity to check out the other venues on our street.
last week I joined john on an install. john laughs at me - because I go with the intention of helping, but end up socializing and taking photos. it took him awhile because he wanted to inset the bottom metal piece into the hardwood floors - he had to use a router. I get nervous watching - in case a mistake happens, but john is so careful and it turned out so nice. I want this in our house, but I can't afford his work.


  1. wow i want those planes on ceiling!!!!!! so great!!!!!

  2. that railing piece john did is really beautiful
    I like those airplanes too
    wish I was close to come and see the show

  3. wow! are there planes in the store now? it looks magical arounna!

    that is such an amazing idea for a railing!! I would want it in my house too!

  4. that install is amazing, i want it in my home too.
    And how much is that toddler in the window?

  5. such a great idea to translate john's benches into a railing - imagine it as a full-size fence!


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