well today is a busy one - I am off to sheridan college for the day - I spent all of last night sewing and trying to go to bed earlyish - yesterday becky dropped by with a beautifully silkscreened poster for the city of craft - happening this weekend - go check it out - please support handmade - lots of great vendors to see. I thought it was funny how piper decorated the press with wood magnets - I can still manage to print with them stuck on there - we keep it on there because it makes her happy. the last image is a photograph of my laundry basket's shadow - in between sewing I do laundry.
stay warm my friends. xxa


  1. a beautiful poster indeed
    these wooden magnets are so cheerful, no wonder why she wants to exhibit them :)
    good luck for the trip & when you're there.
    Stay safe & warm

  2. ha so cute!
    I'm so excited for city of craft!!

  3. since i can't get to montreal I think i might try to make it to city of craft.
    love the graphic design for the event this year.

  4. I am so tired of doing laundry and trying to paint at the same time...I just assigned each of my kids (actually, three of them are young adults) their very own laundry day. I should have done that ages ago. So I also assigned a day for my nine year old. Better...(and better late than never)
    And I can't wait to see all your new work for the show.
    I hope you will also find some time to rest and be merry!X


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