oh my where have I been?- the last days before my trip to montreal were a bit of a whirlwind and my strong immune system didn't let me get sick - lucky me. I got in today and it was wonderful to spend a weekend using my very bad grade 9 french and I had two experiences on the weekend where I had a conversation with someone who spoke all in french and I spoke all in english and one of them commented me on my good understanding of french even though I couldn't respond in french. I got so much love from montreal and I will return again to puces pop in the fall - merci beaucoup!!!I was also excited this weekend because my mom arrived from lyon, france on saturday while I was away. I only get to see my mom once a year and this is the first year she is spending christmas with us in almost twenty years. when she visits it's usually during the summer so this will be a special one for all of us. I had a conversation with my mom tonight about my life as a maker and it's no surprise to her that I would be a maker - she was always a maker and I remember as a kid going to pick out clothing patterns and fabric for clothes - it's funny when you grow up and you forget those times as being quite special. I will have a few posts for the week and will return after the holidays. while I was gone john finished his commission for the ark and gauging from the photos it looked pretty amazing - I didn't realize noah took dinosaurs.
have a beautiful day and don't let this time of year be stressful as john always says to me "embrace the chaos" xxa


  1. happy you are back from montreal healthy and successful. And to arrive home to your mom visiting from Lyon, that is extra special. Please give her a hug from me. I am surprised about the dinosaurs too, surprised that any of the other species survived with a t rex on board.
    fantastic arc john.

  2. ditto, Margie. Such a beautiful arc, John. You're in trouble now.
    So excited about the new ideas, Arounna. You have me on a new planet

  3. What a beautiful arc! John is so talented! whew the whole family is amazingly talented! "Embrace the chaos" ha! so funny :)

  4. The conversation with your mother has such resonance with me, my mother was a maker of things as well. Not consistently, but if something needed sewing, she could do it. She made her own wedding dress - a mini dress, it was the 60s! And the ark is such a beautiful object, your husband is very, very talented.

  5. Wow, that ark is the most amazing piece of art!


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