hi everyone,
so I have one more day (today) of some serious production (mostly sewing) and I will be ready (hopefully) for my montreal show. I will be taking the train only because montreal gets so much more snow than toronto - actually their weather is more icy. my brother keeps giving me weather updates that scares me. I love the beauty of snow and winter, but don't like being cold burrrr... I'm one of those people that don't have idle hands, so on my trip I will be working on my embroidered sculptures for an upcoming show in january called capacity - this show will be part of many exhibits along our dundas west street. will give you more info soon.


  1. i guess now is not the time to tell you my two train to toronto winter disaster stories
    I always enjoy glimpses of your sculptural works.

  2. Stunning. as usual.

    I was in Made the other day, and got a flyer for thier upcoming MADE at HOME exhibit. I am glad that you are participating in the street wide event too, I can't wait to come by and check it out.

  3. It's always so wonderful to see your work. This piece is stunning.

  4. have a lovely train ride - I love the trip to Montreal, you see so much more and different scenes than you do driving. beautiful work, as always.

  5. oh beautiful. looks so interesting - cant wait to see more.


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