awhile back I was asked if I would like to review Trunk magazine - normally I don't do this kind of thing - but I looked at their website and was impressed with the photographs and so I agreed - this mag focuses on travel as a lifestyle it's their first issue, even though it's their first issue the creative team behind it has experience from Travel + Leisure, Surface magazine and the McSweeny's literary journal - this mag is not just about the places, but the people in the places. there's a nice mix of text and photos. In the pages the feeling I got was that the stories were from actual travelers experiences. the back has a useful guide of hotels, restaurants shops in chosen cities - this issue it was Copenhagen, Singapore and a focus on South Africa. I was happy to see heather among the pages of creative talent in South Africa.


  1. I'm a big fan of travel magazines, It always reminds me that I need to take more vacations.

  2. good luck with both of your shows. The embroidered piece look fantastic!


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