lliam is super talented - he did this beautiful drawing of dinosaurs for his cousins birthday. we framed it and he was so proud. I rescued a pile of logs and branches from john's parents backyard - I need to get some projects out of the way. I am using the branches to do garland mobiles with the ceramic discs I made awhile ago. I'm not sure what to do with the logs either coasters or little bowls. I love the dark center - I think it's walnut.


  1. oh what a real artist ! you must be so proud !
    those logs are very beautiful too
    have a great Tuesday, Arounna xoxo

  2. nature and nurture
    how could he not be
    very talented!!

  3. A wonderful drawing! I love the shapes and the shades!! The wood is so beautiful, filled with many possibilities. I recently purchased a shallow wooden bowl with a dark centre and could not take my eyes off it.

  4. what a nice environment your children are going up in filled with creativity. Lliam is very talented and the dark heart in the wood is nice. Some bowls would be sweet.

  5. That would make a great print for a fabric, but I'm sure you thought of that already! Liam is really talented, the colors he chose, the way they're drawn, wow!


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