this year is exciting for us because it celebrates eight years of business - thinking about eight years made me reminisce about ideas that never came to fruition (I'm sure we all go through this) - not sure why these prototypes were never made, when looking back I quite like them.


  1. eight fantastic years and I am so sorry to have been clued out with respect to the first five or so.
    I love all these patchwork designs. That would be a fantastic way to incorporate some natural dyed fabrics into your designs.

  2. these are beautiful
    that's a great idea to incorporate your natural dye fabrics, you do patchwork so well.

  3. Love the linen work - especially the blue bag in the bottom photos.

  4. I love everything you make Arounna :)

  5. I quite LOVE them too !! I thank the internet & all the paths we all cross, otherwise I would have never met you, and really, it would have been such a pity.
    keep on having fun making what you love !

  6. happy 8 years! That's quite spectacular!
    I really love the patchwork pillows! I love the fabric, and the colour combinations.

  7. thanks everyone - such kind words.
    I will try the natural dye fabric as a patchwork
    I am thinking of doing a new tote bag and might incorporate the pocket detail.

  8. These are lovely! I especially love the cushions.

  9. I love the cushions and the yellow bag very much! Eight years! wahou! I love to come hee every morning and discover such surprises... by the way a little game for a giveaway on my blog if you want !


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