hi there, hope you had a good weekend. I was able to meet up with alexx and he gave me some samples from my new ceramics line that I am doing with him. I designed a tumbler, bowl and vase all based on cylinders (will show you the vase later - similar to the tumbler design just larger). I played around with my drawings on photoshop to see how my images would look on the pieces. I am also working on a bud vase design to be a part of the e d i t i o n s series. I am so excited! hope you like them - enjoy your monday.


  1. Oh how gorgeous - love the linework on the ceramics and the colours.

  2. very nice
    can't wait to see it when it's done
    your images looks so nice on ceramics

  3. to say I love the new pieces would be a great understatement
    I think I will do most of my christmas shopping at bookhou

  4. These are beautiful and organic!! My favorite is the first one!

  5. These are wonderful! How exciting to see your beautiful drawings on these lovely pieces.

  6. thanks everyone
    so nice to hear you like this idea - I can't wait to show you them when they are done.

  7. I prefer the wide bowl in red, but both are so beautiful
    and if I lived around, I think that like Margie, I'd be doing most of my shopping in your shop

  8. These are beautiful. I love how delicate the linework is on these.

  9. wahou, they are so beautiful ! I love those drawing on the ceramics... I would love to come and buy them in Toronto !


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