during my last residency year at Harbourfront craft studios I met Deidre Nelson and I attribute my embroidery technique to one I learned from her workshop - after the workshop I didn't pick it up for months and wasn't sure how I could incorporate it into my own work and after a few more tries I was hooked. The only way I can describe how I do it -is it's like crocheting with a needle.
read more about the idea behind her lacy spoons here.


  1. the spoons are absolutely gorgeous. love them...

  2. The spoons, they are breath-taking. Your blog is such a wonderful source of information and inspiration. And beauty, but that's a given.

  3. thanks sonya - that's very of sweet of you to say.

  4. i am head over heals in love with those spoons
    they would be just perfect for the diet i should have started yesterday


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