a few pieces of news - I finally heard back from the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition - they normally let you know a few weeks earlier. The show is in the first few weeks of July -so it doesn't give you enough time to prepar - normally I still keep making work. Also I just found out I got an award from the Ontario Crafts Council - there will be a show up at their Queen Street Gallery on June 2nd - more about that later. My computer is in quarantine from a severe virus - I am checking my email via a verrrry old and slow laptop. So I can respond to emails, but can't send files etc. Hopefully it will get resolved.
Images above are from this new website/blog called upon a fold in Australia - it's all paper related - It's such a beautiful site. On another note - lately every morning piper wakes up and sings for 10 minutes - it's the most adorable thing. Have a lovely day - I think it will warm up today for a nice walk.


  1. great news.
    expect to see an image of you now in the exact opposite mode of the one previous (where you're sleeping)
    Piper must be in competition with the early morning birds singing.

  2. bekki, my third child used to sing herself to sleep everynight.
    Sometime when it is very quiet and I am lying in bed I can still hear you beautiful little voice.


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