we had a chance on the weekend to visit the Mjolk shop in the junction - it was their opening for contact. We will need to visit again when we are not in a rush and have happy children with us. They are on a great little strip - so check out their shop as well as their blog. My main computer is completely screwed up. I went out today and got a new computer - so in the next few days I will show you pictures of some new products and back to my blogging schedule.
p.s. mac where have you been all my life?- yes it took awhile, but I am no longer a pc girl.


  1. welcome to the mac world!

  2. aha - mac is best! so intuitive and simple.

  3. you were there too?! Awe* sorry we missed you! It would have been good to see you! I hope you had fun!!

  4. i switched to mac a few years ago and never looked back


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