hi everyone
I hope things are good and those of you in ontario had a restful family day holiday.
the kids were sick all weekend, so we just hung out at home watching the olympics.

recently while shopping in our neighbourhood I noticed a lot of closing shop signs - a lot more than usual.  I know it's hard to run a shop and to make it profitable.  the cost of rent in our area is pretty high and with the cost of buying merchandise, paying staff and just paying for general up keep can be a bit daunting, so I'm not surprised that some places have a hard time surviving.

we are able to survive because we own our building and it's our home and studio too, we don't rely on walk by traffic, most of our business is on the internet and at craft shows.  we try our best to support our neighbourhood, we do most of our grocery shopping at kensington, and eat and shop at all the local places.  I think that streets like dundas west and queen west have a uniqueness, that is harder to keep up as the years go by and as the rent increases.  I heard that anthropology is opening a shop on queen west in an old church, I have mixed feelings about that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that - the small business in your neighbourhood really need your support and it would be great if all of us can do more to keep them around.

talk soon

photos from designlines and covet garden


  1. I totally agree, Arounna, and I hope more people can understand this & put it into action.
    Btw, Happy Birthday to John !!!

  2. i always try to support small independent business and especially my favorite bookhou

  3. Great blogpost!So many shops closed in my neighbourhood too.AriadnefromGreece!

  4. totally agree with you, it's a sad view I've seen too often here in UK too! not a fan of "giant life style chains" either :/


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